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The Silverton Owners Club has been established for the owners of Silverton boats and the people who would like to own or sell a Silverton yacht
Find out why we are the #1 Boat Owners Club in the Country.
Some groups are only active until the group leader sells his boat and moves on. Then the group sinks. We have been continuously in business for 25 years. We haven’t gone away because someone retired from boating.
Unlike other boat clubs on the internet, this is an ACTIVE CLUB with a very active bulletin board where you can place a free ad to sell your Silverton yacht. Other boat clubs have little or no activity on their bulletin board.
We are the only Silverton group in the nation that not only has a bulletin board with over 204,000 posted messages, but also publishes 2 different newsletters on a regular basis.
The club is made of all Silverton boats. From the smallest to the largest. From the oldest to the last ones built in production. Silverton built many different models over the years. We have all models represented in our group, check our free ads to see Silverton yachts for sale. Our members are on the East Coast and West Coast of the US & Canada.
As a member of the Silverton Owners Club get a 50% discount on your BoatUS membership AND a discount on your BoatUS Tow Insurance.
We know where to get parts and solve all problems on Silverton boats. Former Silverton factory employees are part of our group of members who take questions and post replies on our bulletin board.
Members also get guaranteed priority customer service from Mauricetown Marine, the place to get Silverton parts. No question goes unanswered when you are a member of the club.
No where in boating do you get so much for so little. Only $25 a year.


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