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Thanks for visiting the Silverton Owners Club. This is a great place to for Silverton boat owners hang out in the winter, when most of the Silverton boats are in winter storage. We like to get together in the winter, on our club bulletin board and talk about our boats. We talk about the one we want to sell, the one we want to buy. Topics even cover what we learned on our boat last summer. We discuss boat projects and maintenance that we need to do in the spring. Where to buy parts. We compare notes on everything while our members in the freezing climates await the excitement that spring will bring, and the time that we can get back in the water.

Where are we from? Silverton boat owner club members are from all over the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the Caribbean and Europe. Many live in areas where boating is a year around thing so we don’t have to deal with winterizing but we can still sympathize with those who do.

We are more than a bulletin board. We are more than a website. We have a weekly and monthly newsletter that is entertaining and full of information about buying and selling Silverton yachts, Silverton boat repairs, fun boating advise and more.

What sets us apart? We have live website tech support every evening so if you can’t get on the forum, or post your Silverton boat for sale, or up load a picture, live help is a text message or phone call away.

This is a great place to find online boating friends who are likely Silverton boat owners themselves. We have over 200,000 postings and more coming on every day concerning a variety of topics like Silverton boat repars, owning, selling and buying Silverton boats and yachts and so much more. Lots of great reading, even if you don’t have any problems yourself right now, because you never know what you will find when you get your boat out in the spring!

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How to get wife on board with a boat purchase by Earl Matson

Well, here’s how I unwittedly got my wife on board with buying our boat…

About a year and a half ago a friend of mine offered me his 1980 31′ Silverton Sedan for $12K. My wife, Gidget, at the time wanted to buy a camper in the worst way, but I tried to convince her that the boat would be a perfect compromise as it could be considered a “floating” camper! She still wasn’t going for it though.

After a couple of months of finding new ways to approach her about it and getting shot down each time, we were laying in bed one night talking when the subject about the boat came up again and she started to show a little interest by asking a few questions. One of the questions she asked me was, “Can your truck tow something that big and where the heck would we park it???”

I laughed and told her that “it doesn’t have a trailer and is so heavy that a hoist is needed to get it out of the water.” She replied with, “If it needs a hoist, how much does it weigh???” “About 12,000 pounds,” I said. She replied with, “12,000 pounds!!!! That’s a great deal!!! Let’s get the boat!!!!!”

Baffled by her response and sudden change of heart, I asked, “What changed your mind so quickly? Why is it suddenly a great deal today??” To which she replied, “12,000 lbs of boat for only $12,000.00 dollars??? That’s only $1.00 a pound!!! you can’t even get hamburger that cheap!!!!”

And now you know the rest of the story!


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