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Ready to make waves? The Silverton Owners Club hosts an online classified boat marketplace that features Silverton boats for sale from all over the world. Whether you are a professional boater, weekend warrior, or novice seafarer, there is a Silverton boat that will let you take the watercraft of your dreams out on the water today. Known for their luxurious convertible yachts and durable aft-cabin sleeper boats, Silverton boats have been built in America since the 1800’s. Always in demand, and sometimes rare and historic, it can be hard to find Silverton boats for sale.

Silverton Owners Club is a membership-based network of boaters dedicated to buying, selling and maintaining Silverton boats, and helping each other through the process. As such, you must join our club in order to browse our classified listing of used Silverton aft-cabin boats, convertible yachts, and express cruisers for sale.

We gladly accept folks who are shopping for a Silverton boat for sale, into our club. A membership is only $20 per year, and Silverton boat ownership is not a requirement. You are welcome to join the club if you decide to buy another brand of boat.

Again welcome to the club! We hope you will take this opportunity to become a part of Silverton Owners Club and see all we have to offer.

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