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Mar 5, 2001
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Before you decide to pass up on a $20 membership, read what one of our members have to say about this club.

Letter From Captain Wayne, from New York, dated 5/2/2018

The annual membership fee for this club is $20, which breaks down to 38 cents a week.
Personally, I've been a member for over 3 years now.
In that time, I've gotten help for the following:

* I've changed a 20 cent part on my air conditioning system instead of buying a new one for $2,500.
* I've changed a $10 part on my hot water tank instead of buying a new tank for over $200.
* I've found a multitude of cleaners and waxes that have transformed my boat into one of the shiniest at our marina with much less effort that I used to do.
* I've eliminated smells in the bilge (and the boat) that have resulted in comments from visitors "Wow, you're boat doesn't have any 'boat' smells.
* Fixed the rollers on my sliding glass door with a $6.00 set from Home Depot.
* Got great, great support and guidance on issues related to our son in the Air Force - no price can be put on this....
* Got excellent critique on the ad for selling my boat from fellow members (friends) to make it a better ad.
* E* Survey help.
* Boat transportation help.
* Engine brand and size help.
* Best power tools for waxing.
* Hull fittings recommendations.
* Stereo radio help.
* Generator problem - the help allowed me to fix for $10 and saved a mechanic/marina bill for probably hundreds. Actually, the estimate was $1,000.
* Fixed water leaks in boat.
* Had multiple offers from fellow members/friends to:

* Go look at a boat for me.
* Invite me to stop by and say 'hi' if ever in the area.
* Actually had an offer to come help me fix my boat.
* Solved minor issues with:

* Carbs
* Toilet
* Water system
* Head system
* batteries
* winterizing
* 2- tank gasoline system explanation
* carpet/flooring opinions
* Window coverings/tinting

Oh, one more thing. And this is absolutely, the most important thing above everything listed. As everyone knows, my wife and I have been looking for a 330 Sport Bridge for a couple years while we enjoyed our 1992 31 Silverton Convertible. The help and opinions we've received while we've searched, and dismissed boat after boat for good reasons, has no doubt saved us tens of thousands of dollars by holding out for the 'right' boat, and becoming educated to be able to know the difference! What's the price of knowledge and education? Some say opinions are free. I completely disagree. A knowledgeable, educated opinion is worth it's weight in gold. And that's the kind of help I've received as a member.

There's been plenty of times when I've been embarrassed to ask a question because I've thought "these people are going to get sick and tired of me asking so much." But never, not once has anyone ever said that.

The last thing that also has no dollar value, is the friendships that I've found here. At this point, there's too many names to list. And even though it's probably not likely that I'll ever meet most of the people that help me, I consider all of them my friends.

I'll end this by saying that it's a shame that some people will never realize the benefit of spending a few dollars to receive so much.

Thanks for reading!
Come join us, on the Silverton Owners Club bulletin board, where the Silverton community lives
Captain Wayne/New York
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