26" x 32 pitch 4 blade Nibral props for Sale

Make me a fair offer !!
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These props were on my 2003 Silverton 42C when the fire occurred in June. They had just been reconditioned three months prior and were running great. When the boat was pulled from the water, the weight of the boat was supported on boat stands, but the props were touching the asphalt and thus have a few slight bends. They are in great shape, but will need reconditioning by a prop shop.

They are nibral props and fit a 2" prop shaft. Size is 26" x 32 pitch. The full prop spec report from Black Dog Propellers from March 2022 is available if anyone is interested.

New props of the same size/pitch go for >$3400 each. Just make me a reasonable offer >$1000 for both. I really don't want to ship these, so we'll need to work out a pickup/delivery plan.

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