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Our Silverton Boat Owners Club’s members communicate and exchange information and personal experiences through our newsletter as well as our bulletin board.   Many of our newsletter stories are written  by owners  who share their experiences and what they have learned. Most of our members do their own repairs and they have all levels of experience, including those who are new to boating and those who have owned a boat for 30 or 40 years.  We know where to buy everything you need to keep your boat running and in good repair.

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Boat shoppers can get a lot of help from the group, that you cannot get anywhere else.  The Silverton Boat Owner Club membership cost is only $25 for a year.  You have a lot more to lose than $25  if you buy a boat that you find later has all kinds of headaches——-that could have been avoided. We have had people who passed on the $25 membership fee only to come back after they bought a boat that needed $10,000 worth of repairs————that they could have negotiated in the final price. And if you end up buying another brand of boat, there is nothing that says you have to leave the group. You are welcome to stay.

Once your application is completed you will be on the board soon. We process and activate new memberships  7 days a week  before 7:00PM Eastern time  and contact you with your first newsletters and your bulletin board user name & password. We are available for website help 7 days a week from 6:00PM to 11:00PM.

Silverton Boat Owners Club Annual Membership $25

Your Silverton Boat Owner Club membership will not be complete until payment has been successfully completed.

If you are not redirected to the payment page or receive an error, please don’t give up.   Email or text 239-940-0405 for assistance with completing your membership. 

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