Why pay for membership?

My friends and I keep our boats on the same dock and own Silverton boats. We have visited your website and we all have a lot of questions and reservations about joining the club. What can you tell us about the club? Why should we spend $25 to join? Why isn’t this club membership free? I own a Silverton boat, doesn’t that make me automatically a member of the club?

SOC Answer:
No, buying a Silverton boat doesn’t automatically make you a member. You have to send in a membership application along with the annual membership fee. The club would be free if Silverton & their dealers was funding the operations. But they do not provide any funding. We are a group of individuals who put a few dollars in the pot every year to keep our website and other activities going. If the members didn’t chip in, my family would have to either fund this operation out of our personal bank account or we would have to close down because no one else is going to give us money to operate the club. I own a Silverton boat just like you and I need your help to keep this afloat with just a few dollars a year. The other members don’t ha ve a problem at all with setting aside $2.10 a month ($25 a year) to help me keep things going. As low as our annual fee is, and as expensive as boating is, we don't think the cost of membership presents a hardship on anyone.
Give us your list of your other questions and reservations. If we haven’t already answered it here, contact info@silvertonclub.com and we’ll get an answer for you!
Oct 4, 2014
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