When do I get my password?

I need to find someone to talk to in a hurry, I am about to close on my boat…..So how soon can I get into the password protected areas of the website?

SOC Answer:
Only webmasters create passwords. You cannot create your own user name. We make them up and they cannot be changed. We create all passwords. After we assign a password, you can change it. But you can never change the user name. How long will it take for us to complete the user name & password process? The webmasters in this club are all boaters. Sometimes we can set things up right away. If we are at work or not available, it will take longer. If we aren’t out on our boat, you can usually get set up with passwords within 24 hours or less after we receive your application . During boating season, it could take a little longer.
Oct 4, 2014
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