What are some of the other benefits of joining SOC?

What are some of the other benefits of joining the club?

  1. We have a monthly 12 page newsletter that is written by Silverton Owners for Silverton Owners. You can get a free sample of a back issue of the newsletter by going to our club menu on this website and clicking on FREE SAMPLE NEWSLETTER.
  2. We also publish a weekly Electronic newsletter that is sent to your email box
  3. Bulletin board with 85,000 postings on 9,500 threads. We have lots of dedicated forums for owners of specific models as well as ones for general questions. You'll find links to YouTube videos of interest and links to places to shop for parts. A dedicated forum for selling and trading boating gear to other folks in the club. A dedicated forum to help you find parts to fix your boat. Find out where other members are shopping.
  4. We have a photo gallery of 1,700 pictures that have had more than 2 million views
  5. Technical & Project articles and experiences passed along by owners of Silverton boats. What you find in our newsletter is information that you will NOT find in a boating magazine, or in your local yacht club or boat club newsletter
  6. Discounts on Boat/US memberships
  7. Free Apps for your iPhone or Android to stay in touch with our bulletin board from anywhere.
Oct 4, 2014
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