If I join this club, will I start getting a bunch of SPAM?

If I join this club, am I going to be spammed to death in my email box?

No, we usually only send out a mass email update ever few weeks. Primarily to let people know we are ready to send out the newsletter so they can get their email boxes cleaned out before it arrives and we let members know when the newsletter has been posted on the website. Some members need to get it in the HTML format, which we can’t email out. Some members like hearing from us a few times a month for it to serve as a reminder to go to the bulletin board and see what’s going on. We never share your email address with any other business so you don’t have to worry about someone filling up your email box with offers to refinance your mortgage or sell you Viagara. You may get some spam in your email box but it won’t come from your association with SOC.

Note About Spam Filters; Many people have spam filters on their email address these days. If you have a spam filter, and we are not added to your personal list of ‘approved’ addresses to accept email from, you may contact us about something or other, but we are not going to respond because you’ve lo cked us out and we can’t get past your filter. So if you email us, and don’t’ hear b ack in a few days, check your spam filter and email us again.
Oct 4, 2014
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