How often is the newsletter published?

How often is a newsletter published?

We can’t say what day each issu e of the newsletter is going to be ready. We all have to make a living, so we all go to work each day just like you. Our work schedule dictates when we can get a newsletter put together. The name of the month on the front of the newsletter usually doesn’t match the name of the month you see on your calendar. But with each membership, you are buying a certain number of issues (12) so it doesn’t matter what the name of the month is. After your 11th issue you get your first renewal form and your 12th issue is the last, if we don’t’ hear from you with a renewal.

In addition to a monthly newsletter, for the same $25, we publish a WEEKLY electronic newsletter called the E-news. I comes right to your email box. It's full of news, links, information, pictures and anything that might be of interest to our members. So you get a lot of bang for your buck here.
Oct 4, 2014
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