How do I join the club?

How can I join the club?

Go to our homepage at Look on the left side of the page where you see the book that says SIGN OUR GUESTBOOK. Right below the book it says JOIN THE CLUB ONLINE NOW. Just fill out the membership application and submit. You can pay for it with your credit card by using the Google Checkout. If you have problems with the Google checkout or just don't want to pay online, just close the window after you submit the application and pick up the phone and call me at 239-940-0405. We can by pass the online payment. I take calls 7 days a week. Or you can print out the application from the website and mail it in with a check, unless you are outside of the USA. We can't take checks from members who live outside of the USA. But we can take credit cards for those who live outside of the USA. So you can either do the payment online through Google or pick up the phone and call me to join just like the folks in the USA.
Oct 4, 2014
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