How can the club help when Silverton can't?

All I need are some plumbing and electrical blue prints of my boat. I called Silverton and they can't or won't help me. So how is joining the club going to help me?

I have ways of coming up with things for members, no matter what age or model. . Often, someone in the group has whatever you are looking for, if it ever existed. I know who has what boat and many times, I know the extent of how familiar they are with it........all of this comes from past experience and the amount of help that I have seen them give to others on the bulletin board. 80% of our members maintain their own boats and are more than willing to help others learn. That's why there are thousands of messages on our bulletin board to read thru.
What we can do for you is post notices in the newsletter and on the bulletin board to come up with information that you are seeking. Our club members are always the best and most reliable source of information. Silverton refers people to us with questions they can't answer and they also call us to askquestions about older boats themselves. There is very limited information on boats built prior to 1990. At that time they were still using hand drawings with a pencil and many of those were lost in a flood. So our resources are about all you are going to find. You can either join us for $28 or go it alone on your own. And I can tell you from experience, that you will spend more than $28 in mistakes before you get it fixed. You can save a lot of time and money by heeding the advice of those who have already made the costly mistakes.
Why would Silverton need to call the Silverton Owners Club?? Because most of the employees at Silverton have been employed there less than 10 years, so they don't know anything about let's say a 1991 or 1996 boat,because they were either in college or employed somewhere else back in the days when your boat was built. We can't expect them to know details about boats that were built before their time, just like we don't really know many details about cars built in the 1920's. Nottoo many of us were around back then and buying new cars.
Oct 4, 2014
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