Can I contact a club member?

I found a Silverton boat that I want to buy. Can you give me the name of someone who owns a boat like the one I want to buy?

SOC Answer:
Unfortunately we can’t allow you to contact anyone in our club unless you actually join the club. We allow Wannabee’s in the club before they buy or put a boat under deposit. If you join now, you will be able to participate in our mentor program where we exchange your email address with someone who owns a boat like the one you want to buy. As a member, you will also be able to locate email addresses from our password protected membership directory and contact others who own a boat like the one you want to buy. So there is a way that you can get your questions answered but it’s not going to happen unless you pay $25 to join the club. Smart Boat Shoppers join before they put out $350 to $500 for a survey so they find out what the right questions are to ask the surveyor and seller. Our Wannabees get more out of being a member than anyone because they find out what they need to know before they buy. Finding out what you should have asked won’t do you much good after you have sign ed on the dotted line. All you can do at that point is either fix it or get rid of it.

Well I am not interested in the club, I only want to talk to someone to ask them how to fix my boat. Can't you help me find someone?

Sure we can, as soon as you join the club we would be more than glad to do this. Our members have rebuilt older Silverton boats from top to bottom. And we are all more than willing to share what we know. But We need owners to join us and support us financially to be able to continue to exist for the benefit of those who need the sort of assistance that you are looking for right now. Without owners pitching in to help us stay afloat financially, we will have to shut down our website and disband because we get no help from Silverton Marine Corp or any of their dealers to stay alive. We gladly help those who support us. We are a group of individuals just like yourself, who got together to create this group so we can talk about boats and how to keep them in good repair.

I have a 39 motoryacht with Cat diesels. I just want to find someone who has a boat like mine to compare notes with, like what kind of fuel economy he's getting. I am also having some other issues and would like to find out if I am the only one or are there others with the same issues. Can't you give me the name of someone who has one of these boats?

We sure can. When owners join, the first thing we do is include an email to sign up to exchange their email address with someone who has the same boat. When the message arrives in your email box after you join, all you have to do is hit your reply button and we'll begin the search. The sooner you join, the faster you will begin communicating with someone to compare notes with.
Oct 4, 2014
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